S&A Reagents Lab Ltd., Part.

Founded in 1989, powered by teams led by the famous microbiologists Dr. Suwat Bangtrakulnonth and Dr. Aroon Bangtrakulnonthwho had trained in the manufacturing and testing of agglutinative immune sera for bacteriological diagnostics at Robert-Koch-Institute, Berlin.

S&A Reagents Lab Ltd.,Part. produces more than 300 different kinds of Salmonella , Shigella , Vibrio cholerae and E. coli antisera. We also produce the Widal’s and Weil Felix’s antigen for Typhoid , Paratyphoid and Rickettsial disease.

The diagnostic O- and H antisera are polyclonal and produced by immunisations via rabbits. The Vi antibody is monoclonal and produced from oryctolagus cuniculus.